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Consultation to learn more about this revolutionary way to treat depression. 

At TransformHealth in Eugene Oregon, we take a holistic approach to helping people with depression and chronic mental health issues by utilizing alternative treatments like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) supported by individualized lifestyle coaching.  We provide a treatment that can help people truly experience a sustained remission in a different way and target depression from more of a root cause approach. Sign up for our FREE Consultation to find out if TMS is the right fit for you.

Meet Your Doctor

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Dr. Shereen Underwood is from Central Point, Oregon. She graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and worked with children in residential psychiatric treatment after graduation She also worked for Child Protective Services in Eugene.


She finished medical school at Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2002 and then completed her residency at MSU in 2007. She has worked in several facets of psychiatry, including emergency psychiatric services, addiction medicine, community mental health, private practice at the Lansing Institute of Behavioral Medicine for 8 years, and has done inpatient psychiatry. Dr. Underwood also served as the ACT team psychiatrist, for Livingston county, MI, for seven years and treated the most severely ill patients for the county. She recently worked at the Eugene VA as a consultant in the primary care setting.


“As an Osteopathic physician who was trained with a holistic perspective, and after years of experience with a wide range of patients and treatment settings, my treatment philosophy is to minimize medications and maximize self-empowerment. It is important to put many factors in place to ensure success for patients. These factors include proper self-care through exercise, nutrition, habits of self-talk, visualizing one’s potential, improving self-esteem, changing self-sabotaging habits, fostering a healthy support system, and using a cognitive-behavioral treatment approach. The use of controlled substances is discouraged since they can create dependence and impair coping skills. Over the years, I’ve had the honor to watch many people reach a better place in their lives, which makes it all worthwhile. I love when patients reach their highest potential!”

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